A permission for a remote work in Europe from Asian countries

HI everyone! I’m a junior frontend developer from a country in Central Asia. And I’m searching for a suitable remote job for my position and proper to my stack of technologies. My big question is that can I find and be applied for a remote job in European countries mainly in the UK? Because they say you must be eligible or must own some kind of visa even though you work from home. If I’m neither eligible nor have any visa, is it possible anyway to start working remotely. i heard that some companies can solve some papers in order to you can work there. Else I read in the internet that they can act on behalf of you to get you permission. So I need your answers please. Should I go on hoping to find a remote job in Europe with my junior level? Do I have a bit of chance launching a remote job? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I do live in Jakarta work for RoomMe, I do want to find a remote job for digital marketing, how I can Apply for working remote to company at Europe?