ACELR8 digital event

Hi everyone,

I am a Talent Partner at ACELR8, a company that builds teams for growth stage and venture backed companies, and we power the ‘Talking Talent Community’ (, where we host 2 recruitment related events per month.

I have an invitation for you to participate in the next Talking Talent event, organised by ACELR8 - “Smart Talent Pipelines: Make Your Sourcing Data-Driven.”

Using data in sourcing can help the talent teams with:
:white_check_mark: Time-saving: be more efficient in the way you source
:white_check_mark: Access to Talent: mapping out where talent is positioned (e.g. location, companies)
:white_check_mark: Stakeholder Management: make stakeholders understand what is possible

The event will happen on September 15th at 1PM (CET) and you can join it here: Sign Up | LinkedIn

Talent Partner @ ACELR8