Asking advice on getting my foot in the door


I am in a position in life where I’m pretty much starting from scratch. I haven’t worked in a good number of years due to various reasons. However, I’m in need of extra income. I have limited skills to offer, I understand that both of these things are a huge downfall on my end. Although, I know that people in my position find work starting small and gaining experience. Which is what I’m looking for.

Sadly, everything that I’ve been searching for either requires years of experience, high level of degrees and though they claim to be entry level, they clearly are not. Or, the biggest issue of all, the overwhelming waves of scams that I seem to attract.

Are there any companies /job sites that have legit jobs that help you get your foot in the door? I’m mostly looking for the common data entry jobs. I do have experience with data entry, and it is something I do enjoy doing, the more the better type thing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of professional experience to back me up. I’ve been considering learning more about data engineering, sadly I can’t afford any of the courses at this time. I do have some accounting knowledge from taking a few college courses, although it’s not nearly enough to gain work on unfortunately. I am interested in gaining more experience with accounting, mostly auditing or payroll, maybe even billing… I need to start small though.

I have recently been looking into live chat /email support work. I’m not that great with phone work, which is another thing big thing I keep running into. I can do the rest of the work, yet it all ends when the job post mentions incoming /outgoing calls. I simply don’t have the voice, or the cheerful tone ‘on the phone’ that most agents will have. I’m willing to try out live chat /email support though. Again, I’m struggling to find a job that trains newbies, most of what I’ve found requires experience and it hasn’t been easy to get my foot in the door.

I just need to start small and gain more experience as I move forward. I’m just not sure of where to go that will get my feet in the right direction. I’m more than willing to learn new things for positions and experience. I’m getting pretty low on motivation with all this searching and gaining nothing from it, with the plague still lingering in air, and where I’m located, I don’t have many options for out in the world work. Even the temp agencies here don’t have much to offer. I have done a couple of temp jobs, sadly they were short lived as the work ended.

Any advice is much appreciated.
Thank you

Short game
Don’t limit yourself to just online or remote positions. Use your network (your extended family, relatives, neighbours, past colleagues, classmates) to get referrals or opportunities. Develop some online presence - medium, twitter. Learn how to cold email, look at linkedin jobs and contact recruiters.

Long game
Work on your resume. Its a slow process, improve it regularly.
Learn actual skills, you don’t need to pay for expensive courses. The best sources of info on internet are free. This will take time but you can do it.

Also need to mention, your english is quite good. You will get there.