Available...but not in the office

I am looking for a remote solution that will allow me to work from my home office yet still be included in the “in-office” environment. In my head, I can see a monitor/TV screen in the office that employees can use to “see” me in my remote office. If they need to ask me a question, they can stand in front of the monitor and be on camera so I can see them in my office. The connection would be live and constant. And if no one is in front of the camera the audio would still be captured so if I wanted to yell something out to the room, it could be heard. Is there anything like that being used?

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We use time and work tracking app WorkVector You cannot see the workers working but you see the progress in the work, how effective they are, what they’re working on at the moment. And it’s been really great. Helps to keep the work flow going and managers can check on their team any time.

Using Optimus Hive to perform your Business Employee Monitoring Solution will give you full visibility over your BaU and what it costs you! Yes, you can figure out the cost per task! This is possible no matter your employees are working from home, in a remote office, or sitting down the hall.

Have you tried Gather?

Yeah I agree. I used it in my previous company and to my mind it works perfectly. even though the internet in turkey is not always perfect.