Common challenges with remote work

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in working remotely (or are currently facing amidst the pandemic), and what you’re doing to get around it?

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Working remotely as you’ll know has its own merits and demerits. Quite frankly, we’re prone to constant demotivation, lonliness and depression while working alone. There is no one beside you, only you and your laptop are the two things that function now. But every problem has it’s solution.

Due to this unfortunate times, many companies have decided to go remote for life keeping their employeed health and the environment in mind.

Here are some proven methods you can take up to constantly motivate your employees and friends who are working remotely for their company.

  • Create a remote company framework to be followed by your peers. This will only increase your employee engagement if practised.
  • Every employee will definetly appreciate you for a regular check in. It shows you care and your emphathetic good nature.
  • Have a virtual coffee break. This is what a Harvard Business School professor had to say,

“People lose unplanned watercooler or cappuccino conversations with colleagues in remote work. These are actually big and important parts of the workday that have a direct impact on performance.”

  • Host Ice breaker events and play remote games with your peers.
  • Take care of your employees mental health. This is the most important challenge faced while working remote.
  • It never hurts to have a non-work banter like celebrating “Photograhers Day”

During this unprecedented times, if you’re a leader take the initiative to take care of those who are working for/with you. The emphathy and motivation you shower, will pay you back good will and will improve your employees life.