Developer in CET

Hi everyone !

Might have been asked by thousand people but I am quite interested global remote companies
Let me put that into an example

Given a developer in a EU country, say Romania
Given an employer in a western EU country, say Belgium
Now it must be clear for both parties the wages are not even close being the same

Ultimately my question is does (fully) remote work imply being (fully) equal in terms of all aspects ? e.g. salary, benefits
Or do employers consider the local rates ?
Might be that some do this others that

Hope I can get some answers from both parties and perhaps some real life examples


That’s a good question, @winnergo.

Every remote company is different in the way that it chooses to handle things like compensation and benefits. For example, my team (Doist) factors a new hire’s location in the salary to ensure that their salary is the same value as someone else with the same experience and role. However, some companies offer rates that are based on a single location regardless of where the employee is based.

Similarly, with benefits, some companies may offer the same across the board or have different benefits packages based on region or location.

I hope this is helpful!

thanks, @andrewgobran
yes it is indeed helpful.

Though I have one more question here.
What do you reckon what is the best way to find that out potentially prior to interviews?
Perhaps shooting a question like:
You will get me the same money as your pal based in Arizona, will you ? Is not the best way to do so

I appreciate your answers !

I would personally ask something to the effect of “As a distributed team, what is your company’s philosophy when it comes to compensation and benefits?”

For example, if I was answering this question on behalf of my company, I’d say that we value fairness and sustainability when it comes to compensation and then explain that we use a salary formula that takes role, experience, and location into account.