Don'ts of Remote Communication

Communication between team members and co-workers in a remote working model is a real challenge. Organizations must be equipped with proper software and get app subscriptions to ensure smooth communication in the organization as a whole. Improper communication can cause a lot of troubles, such as wrongly addressed situations, misunderstandings, and much more.
Let’s find out what is Don’t in remote communication

1. Using Only One Way for Communication

Specifying only one way for the remote communication method is a big mistake. One method cannot work effectively in all scenarios. Creating flexibility in communication channels is a must, and all offices with remote working models must acknowledge it.

2. Sending Cold Messages

Showing you actual emotions in text messages is a challenging task. We normally sound cold and rude in messages which are pretty common with everyone. So, avoid sending cold messages. Instead, look for your choice of words. Make it as meaningful as you can.

3. Ignoring Mentorship

Most of us ignore the importance of the right mentorship in remote communication. Employees are humans. They don’t always feel active and happy. You should acknowledge that they may also have personal problems going on with the work. Ignoring proper mentorship here can widen the gap between managers and subordinates, resulting in bad communication.
Along with the listed dos and don’ts of remote communication, there are also many more. Such as the dos can be taking follow-ups from remote workers, listening to their issues etc. While don’ts can be ignoring time zones etc.