For fun - name your best unpopular opinion about remote work

What’s something about remote work that you like that others may find to be the complete opposite? Let us know in the comments below.

I’ll go first - I don’t think the isolation that comes with remote work is necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

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WFH outside of the city for having an amazing life quality, improve habits, eat your home made food, growth as person learning more each day, practicing hours of sport at the nature, having time with your family, reducing pollution and working better.

Some managers think is better back to the office, for conmute, see your family at weekends, contaminate, get stressed taking many transports, and doing 15’ of yoga at office room if you have a free slot of time!


I love this question!

The whole “wear what you would to the office” notion. I think that works for some people and have seen that it motivates them.

But for me, my personal style leans more on the casual side, so wearing what I couldn’t to the office floats my boat.

I say, wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy!

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@dariobrozzi - Yesss!! Totally agree. It makes such a difference in quality of life. Much better to spend free time going to explore cities on weekends than dealing with the stresses that come with it day-to-day. Totally agree with you once again!

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Thanks @justineshu!

That’s another great point – totally agree! Dressing up in complete work attire is unnecessary. Of course, working in your pajamas isn’t going to help you be productive but wearing casual clothing in general wouldn’t change that.

Comfortable and happy makes more sense to me!! I’m with ya there!

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We recently ran a similar poll in our organization and made some interesting discoveries.
One of the major reasons our employees prefer remote work is due to the fact that they can bring their pets to work, everyday!
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@Springworks - Yesss! That was one of my favorite things about working remotely. Having a pet there is great for a number of different reasons, especially if you have a dog that encourages you to take walk breaks.

ho-ho I was waiting for this question

I HATE working from my bed. First two months it was like an advantage, however now I have my backpain, I’m less productive and my dogs are always with me :frowning: