Forbes also wrote an article on “The Unintended Consequences of the Hybrid Work Model.” What do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the article.

Here’s the article link:

The Unintended Consequences Of The Hybrid-Work Model

That’s a great article. The title is a bit misleading because most of the consequences mentioned aren’t a consequence of the hybrid work model, but of leadership that is unwilling or unsuccessful in fostering trust and adapting their organizational culture to meet the needs of a hybrid work model.

Recently there have been a lot of headlines in the US about how a lot of Americans are willing to quit their jobs or take a pay cut in order to work from home. A pay cut shouldn’t be necessary, but I think it’s very telling of the necessity for many organizations to meet that demand for a flexible work model if they want to remain competitive.

@andrewgobran - You are so right in your comment on so many levels. I definitely agree that the bigger issue here is that leadership should adjust, foster trust, and adapt to meet the hybrid work model because it can be incredibly successful for both employees and employers alike.

Thank you for your great response!