Freelancing problems and the solutions

There is no doubt that Freelancing ecosystem has been expanding exponentially since the COVID19. While the ecosystem is fast evolving, it is noteworthy of the the challenges that freelancers are facing, some of which may appear to be micro but are slowly eating up some integral part of benefits framework for the freelancers. One of them is high commission rates, for example, $100 gig on Upwork attracts $20 fee, if we add extra transfer fee charged by third party payment gateway like PayPal, the take-home pay because somewhat discouraging.
Biased dispute resolution is another problem, here, the platform may take longer time than the expected time to reach a resolution during dispute between a client and a freelancer, sometimes, judgement favors the guilty partner leaving the other without a choice but to accept.

HYVE freelancing platform solves the listed problems above and dozens of other problems that freelancers face on a daily basis. HYVE is changing the way freelancing has been done over the years. They are giving the power to the freelancers because they make up the ecosystem

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