How can we better support you?! The creative sector contributed £111.7bn nationally!

Before COVID-19, the creative sector contributed £111.7bn in GVA nationally, growing five times faster than the economy overall, and in every part of the UK.

Since 2011, employment in the sector had grown by 35%, three times the national average, to over 2 million jobs. There is huge potential as well as risk but the fragility of the freelance model, which the creative industries rely on heavily, was revealed at the advent of the pandemic when many parts of the creative industries swiftly experienced a large drop in their volume of work and were left unsupported.

At Future Strategy Club we have created a new model to better support creative thinkers, creatives and freelancers who want more control and autonomy over the work they do, whilst offering them opportunities to network and build their creative connects, whilst promoting their expertise and offering them the chance to work on projects which have a greater impact on the world!

FSC Intro - Membership 2022