How do you as a job seeker assess a workplace for cultural fit?

How do you personally define cultural fit?

If you are older and desire to work in a place that hires a lot of people in your age group, not 1 or 2, but many, and you find that the places where you look have hardly any…

How impt is it to have a peer group, a group that has the same tenure and life stage experiences?

This may not be the place to present this question to. If it isnt, let me know where I can comfortably discuss this without offending anyone.

Companies are using “cultural fit” on many ways, and into a strategic way. I did a month hiring process, 2 interviews, one hour each, tech exam and then 2 interviews(1 hour each with developers). All was pretty good, and easy going. Final interview was “cultural fit” with two managers. This is totally wrong. Who needs to validad who fit or who not fit. For me the answer is clear, the team. So managers started asking mind-fuck questions and I decided to stop the process because that gives me the idea of a totally hierarchical company I don’t want to be part of. In resume, ask yourself if you are confortable working with your colleagues or not.