How to Maintain Relationships with Colleagues while Remote Working?

The remote working model has brought a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. However, its challenges are also hard to ignore. One major challenge of remote working is maintaining good relations with colleagues and team members. It has disturbed the social circle of almost everybody. In this article, we will tell you how to maintain relationships with colleagues while remote working.

Ways to Maintain Relationship with Colleagues While Remote Working

1. Availability

Building relationship with team members and colleagues is all about availability. While working remotely, you have to maintain a good balance between your personal and professional life which is a huge challenge. Spending too much time at home, especially if you have kids make working and availability for your colleagues questionable, which is the prime need of a good employee relationship. So, to maintain good relationships with colleagues, make sure you communicate everything and be available for them. However, it does not mean that you should stay online 24/7, just communicate your availability timing with your colleagues.

2. Go for Video Communication

Emailing is less hectic and less time-consuming. However, it makes maintaining good relationships difficult. That’s why while working remotely, try to communicate through video calls. There are a lot of apps like Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime, and Skype, etc. Plus, it also reduces potential miscommunications and misunderstandings. So, utilize those platforms and enjoy a better relationship with your colleagues.

3. In-Person Meetups

If possible, you can also go for in-person meetups. Meeting your colleagues in person is one of the most effective ways. Arrange a gathering somewhere out, plan a hike together, or something else. Along with entertainment, you can also discuss work in such meetups.

4. Virtual Meetups

It’s your colleague’s birthday, but you can’t celebrate it with him in person. But don’t worry, you can still make his birthday fun through virtual celebrations. Besides, you can also conduct virtual happy hours, yoga sessions, coffee breaks, team quizzes, and much more. In addition, you can make virtual meetups as fun as in-person.

5. One-on-One Time for Boss

Along with colleagues and team members, maintaining good communication with the boss is also very vital. Decide what important points you need to discuss with your boss and prepare well before the meeting. Then, make it fruitful and interaction easier.

6. Personality Test

The personality test is essential when you are working in teams. It is vital for building a strong relationship with the team members. Take a test and then forward it to your mates. When your team members know about your personality, they can interact in a better way.

7. Understand Your Colleagues Individual Struggles

Everybody has different experiences with life. That’s why all humans should be thoughtful about each other. Understand their struggles which are only possible through healthy communication.

Follow these tips to maintain good and friendly relations with colleagues. You can make your work experience better by understanding the struggle of your colleagues. So, be considerate and show little empathy towards them.

Totally agree! But one more way to maintain/ nurture a professional relationship is to appreciate the efforts and work of colleagues. There are many long-term benefits to it. You can use tools like EngagaWith etc also to appreciate co-workers win.

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