How to prepare for a remote job interview

If you were speaking to someone who has never done a remote job interview before, what advice and tips would you give them?

What I’ve seen typically happen is candidates take the spray-and-pray approach. They’ll apply to 100s of openings at a time.

You can see these ‘calls for help’ on LinkedIn with several ‘commenting for better reach’ comments.

This is where desperation creeps in and the candidate might end up with whatever comes on their plate.

My suggestion - get creative with your approach. Don’t apply to every single job opening that’s listed.

Instead curate a list of 8-12 companies/individuals you see yourself working with.

Do a deep-dive on them. Follow their senior management on LinkedIn/Twitter. Find what they are talking about in media/ and on podcasts/webinars.

This will help you figure out what’s top-of-the-mind for them (and hence their orgs).

Create a presentation/one-pager on how you can help them. If you do this well, you’ll have leap-frogged 99% of the ‘spray-and-pray’ applicants.

Add enough value and you’ll be in a position to negotiate the salary/position etc.

This is a message to all aspirants from our founder Kartik Mandaville from Springworks