List of Meditation Music to Promote Positive Energy While Working from Home

Music relaxes the mind, releases stress, and makes your mood better. That’s why it is used for meditation by most meditation experts. However, music has different types, and not all of them are suitable for meditation. In the coming sections, we have provided a list of meditation music to promote positive energy.

1. Arvo Part: Spiegel im Spiegel

This soothing meditation music for positive energy is by an Estonian composer. It has a very calming tune. The title translates to mirror in the mirror. Play this meditation music for healing and positive energy. Its calming tune will relax your mind and increase your focus.

2. Pieds-en-L’Air

Pieds -en-L’Air was composed by Peter Warlock, one of the popular composers and music critics. He had a very unconventional lifestyle. He died in 1930 but left his masterpieces, his slow and soft classical music that can be used as meditation music for positive energy.

3. Alexis French – Radiate

Radiate by Alexis French is one of the must-listen meditation music, and you must have it on your list. This music has unique style taps with excellent piano melodies that are best for relaxing and calming the mind. Play it while working out or during your meditation session, and your mind will begin feeling comfortable.

4. Om Namah Shivaya by Deva Premal

Do you want a productivity hack? Then go for Om Namah Shivaya meditation music for positive energy. The vocals in this music are by Mital, who was the partner of Deva Premal. It is mostly played during yoga classes. You can also use it during meditation at home.

5. Jan Sandstorm: Det ar en Ros Utsprungen

Like all other meditation songs for positive energy, this one also has a very cozy tune. This music stretches out the work of German composers of the 16th century.

6. In Paradisum

In paradisum has been one of the best compositions of the French composer named Gabriel Faure. He was the best musician of his time. He has composed a lot of masterpieces during his lifetime. His in paradisum has been specifically played to provide a feeling of serenity and calmness to the listeners. That’s why it makes a good option for meditation.

7. Max Richter: Dream 3

Dream 3 has been taken from Max Richter’s composition named Sleep which is an eight hours work. Along with meditation, you can also play this music at night while sleeping. Many suffer from insomnia; therefore, dream 3 can also be used for inducing sleep.

8. Debussy: Clair de Lune

The direct translation of the music title is moonlight. If you wish to have a serene and relaxing environment during your meditation, then you should play this music in the background. Meditation experts claim that a relaxing environment adds value to one’s peace of mind.

So, listen to the above tunes, and next time you meditate, play them to get positive energy. Besides, some people also use these kinds of music for increasing productivity at work. Just play them in a low voice while working and enjoy high productivity.