Looking for entry-level development role(contract/part-time)

I’m honestly looking for advice and also a role to work in.
I’m an entry level developer working with the following technologies : C++ and Qt most of the time.

Others : Frontend Web(HTML, CSS, Js), Simple Backend Web Programming with Flask.(Learning reactjs for react native).

My main focus is app development which is why I’m learning react to go into react-native for mobile dev, I’m using Qt for non-mobile. I’ve built a couple of projects with Qt and Web technologies (on my GitHub)

LinkedIn : LinkedIn
GitHub : TruePadawan (Hermes) (github.com)

I’m wondering if there is any opportunity for a role leveraging the listed technologies and if i could get advice in general on how to improve myself because I don’t really know what to do.

Also I’m below 18 and in west africa in case there are age limitations or what-not


I am also a java developer and looking for new opportunity.