No experience on remote jobs

How can you get work when you don’t have experience? any training offered from companies, or individuals? any help will be appreciated .

That’s a great question, @ayassine.

I think it’s important to think about remote work in terms of skills, rather than context. From a hiring standpoint, someone who has had hands-on remote work experience may have an upfront advantage over someone who hasn’t had any. Ultimately, what matters are the skills you’ve developed, understanding how they are utilized in a remote context, and being able to draw those parallels in your application and throughout a hiring process.

Some of those core skills include self-management, strong written & verbal communication, time management, and collaboration.

Personally, my first fully remote role was my first formal remote experience, but I had developed a solid foundation of skills through prior experiences and was able to articulate how I would leverage those skills in a remote context.

There are a ton of resources out there for learning about and developing remote skills.

  • We Work Remotely blog
  • Doist blog
  • Workplaceless has a course for remote workers (it currently costs $195)
  • There are too many free resources available online as well so hopefully others will also share things they’ve come across or found helpful :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful!

Hi @ayassine - I second what @andrewgobran mentioned but also wanted to share a helpful article on We Work Remotely’s blog: We Work Remotely | How to Land a Remote Job With No Experience

This should give you some really helpful tips on how you can land a remote job when you’re just starting out.

Best of luck!

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