Share your best tips for hiring remote team members

What advice would you give to an employer looking to expand their remote team?

We recently wrote a guide on hiring remote software developers We Work Remotely | How to Hire a Remote Team of Software Developers but we’d like to hear your input on any remote job position. Is there anything else we should add?

Here are the three important hiring remote team members tips

  1. Define your ideal candidate- Let applicant know what kind of candidate you are looking for. This plays a great role in remote hiring as it clarifies the traits that you are looking for in the candidate.

  2. Aware yourself of the remote work skills you need in a candidate- A few of remote working skills are: Great communication power, collaboration skills, organizational skills, time management skills, self-discipline, and accountability.

  3. Look for characteristics, skills can be gained. Assess if the candidate fits in the company’s culture, who are ready to learn, have positive attitude.

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