What advice would you give companies that are going hybrid?

Some believe remote hybrid situations just don’t work (because of challenges like this) while others swear by it.

For companies that are now thinking of work flexibility, going hybrid will likely be an easier step forward vs diving into a remote-first/100% remote structure.

What do you think is key for companies to successfully be hybrid?

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The best advise I could give for working in a 100% remote company and supporting companies who make the transition is to be transparent with policies and expectations. You want to make sure your employees will feel valued, supported and heard even though they chose to work remote. Happy to talk to you and share more insides when needed.

That’s a great question, @justineshu. The hybrid setup is a tricky one to get right because companies going through this transition may tend to have a bias towards colocated practices. Although it may sound somewhat counterintuitive, a hybrid setup has the greatest chance for success when companies optimize for remote-first. It’s a tough transition to make, but it starts with tossing out your assumptions and framing your practices and processes through a remote-first lens.

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Hey Abdi - feel free to post it again. Thanks!

Couldn’t agree more. So well said!

“Framing practices and processes through a remote-first lens” makes me think of:

  • Encouraging Async first communication
  • Documenting everything and making it accessible for everyone
  • Meetings happen virtually, no matter who is in the office

Would you add anything to that list?

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