What are your best tips for dealing with isolation as a remote worker, especially during this pandemic?

Remote work isn’t as easy these days with Covid restrictions making it difficult to get out and socialize. Because of that, this style of work can make people feel even more isolated. So, my question is, what are you doing to combat those feelings of isolation? Virtual happy hours with friends? Meeting friends outdoors? I’d love to hear what works for you.

If you are anywhere near a coworking place, work there.

@spc2582 - Great suggestion! I have personally tried one locally and found it too distracting. Do you currently work at one? Any tips you can share on how to balance it all?

Great question, this is something a lot of people must be experiencing since working from home went mainstream. We quickly realized that prolonged work from home can cause employees to lose motivation and suffer from low morale. To combat the isolated feeling, we developed tools that assist in employee engagement and rewarding teams.
These tools integrate right into our workspaces and allow the users to enjoy quizzes, polls, Pictionary, watercoolers, and much more.

@Springworks - What a great idea! Those all sound fun and serve as a nice way to break up the day and spend time with others virtually. Kudos!

Here are the tips I follow to deal with isolation as a remote worker

  1. I work at least once a week outside of my home- In the café or the park
  2. Take a short break to catch up with my friends
  3. Listen to favorite music to uplift my mood
  4. At our workplace, we use tools like Trivia by springwork, where we play games and quizzes. It’s a great way to deal with isolation while working.

At least one time per week I try to visit or office, or the nearest cafe to work from there.
During the weekend I make myself to meet friends or just go for a walk with some colleagues (though I need to mention it really needs some efforts. It is so easy to become couch potato)
I also go for a 30 min walk with my son during the day to play on the playground with the other kids.
Another important things are small travels - at least to the nearest city.
However I managed to move 3 times during 2 pandemic years. So I’m probably not the very typical example :slight_smile: