What do you think of this Forbes article that raises the question that remote workers should be paid less than in-house team members?

I would love to hear your thoughts and open this discussion up! Should remote workers be paid less than in-house team members?

Here’s the original article link from Forbes.

I think nop. Both cases having similar costs maybe, conmute costs vs. using your home and paying bills. Also not always you could work at home, or you want to go outside for break monotony and keep working e.g. at coffee shop or a coworking near to your home.
I see the thing about pay less for wfh kind of managers strategic, for get you back to the office, nothing more.


@dariobrozzi - That’s a great point (as a way to get you back into the office). I agree with you on this one.

Ultimately, the conclusion in this article is a good one, because there’s just no good reason to pay remote workers less.

As noted by the author, all the arguments for this discrepancy in pay are inherently weak and serve as just another excuse to pay employees less. What sort of cuts to the heart of this is the Braintrust CEO’s insight: if the company wants to pay you less, they have to admit that they value you less now than they did before the pandemic/ you went remote.

@m.abdihakim Totally agree! It’s disappointing to say the least that companies would even be considering it. The fact is, remote employees save companies money so that cost savings can be passed down into their salary. Really no excuse to pay remote employees less.

Thanks for sharing your insight!

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