What is the biggest reason you are looking for a remote job?

What is the biggest reason you are looking for a remote job?

Flexibility and work-life balance. Plus, helping our poor polluted planet to stay alive. :grimacing:

  1. No time wasted in commuting to the office
  2. Productivity is increased when you’re working in your comfort space
  3. Current situation, we need “Work from home” more than ever because of Covid
  4. Flexibility of work
  5. Asynchronous meetings and Adhoc tasks are well executed in remote jobs.

I have been working remotely for a long time, at first when I started everything was to take care of my grandmother, and remote work, allowed me to be at home most of the time. Then she passed away and remote work helped me travel and see the world while working. Today it is already part of my day to day.

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I’m sorry for your loss. Remote work really allows us to choose life first vs work-first, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

Well, the biggest reason for anyone looking for a remote job might be the following reasons:

  • The Flexibility you can gain because of remote work ie, you can choose to work on the tasks at your own allotted time based on priority.

  • The freedom and the pace in which you work is comfortable

  • No commuting to work might just be the biggest reason. The comfort of working from home is just unparalleled.

  • Here’s a post about Remote work which explains about how a company works remotely admidst challenging situations