What is your go-to method to unplug?

What is your go-to method to unplug?

Awesome question, @Franzispoddi!

For me, unplugging is both physical and mental. For me it involves 2 steps:

  1. Spending the last 30 min of my day reviewing the tasks I completed and any new or unfinished tasks so I can adapt my plan for the following day/remainder of the week accordingly. This primes me to mentally unplug.

  2. Once I’m finished with my review, I log out of all of my work-related accounts and turn off my computer to physically unplug for the day.

  3. This is optional, but I also find it helpful to plan a non-work-related activity right after work, whether it’s reading an interesting article on my reading list, prepping dinner, calling a friend, or making evening plans.

How do you go about unplugging?