What’s your tool stack?

List your personal and/or company tool stack here :hammer_and_wrench: What remote tools do you geek over?

Tools/apps I regularly use :nerd_face::
Webflow (for our Learning Portal)

Gsuite, slack, 1pass, trello, Brain fm, spotify, pomodoro app and self control app – a free mac app that stops your from being distracted. Highly recommended.

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Tools/apps that we regularly use at Springworks:

  1. Trello- for Productivity tracking
  2. Slack- for Team communication
  3. Troopr Assistant - for Project management
  4. Attendancebot - for Attendance tracking
  5. EngageWith- for morale-building (kudos/shoutout to members who are doing good job)
  6. Trivia by Springworks- for team engagement(Real-time quizzes)
  7. SpringVerify(US/India)- online background check
  8. SpringRecruit- For new applicants tracking(Free-forever tool)
  9. SpringRole- Verified professional profiles on blockchain

PS- The best part is that the tools mentioned from pt. 5 to 9 have been built by our very own team at Springworks. We suspected the required improvements within the remote work setting, hence we ended up building these amazing products like Trivia and EngageWith.

Toggl… for tracking hours spent on different projects.

Besides the afore-mentioned tools like Gsuite, Trello, and Spotify, I’d like to add LastPass, video conferencing solutions (varies depending on the client), Adobe Suite, an Intranet, Grammarly, and a cloud storage service.