Will Businesses ever listen?

So, I have been working remotely for over a year now – and still doing so. My roles contract will end this Christmas due to business changes, and so I have managed to get another job offer. They have said its Hybrid working (2 days at home and 3 days in the office) however I didn’t want to be in the office more than 2 days, so I have said I would want to negotiate this at some point. However, after getting my contract and offer letter there is nothing about flexible working, which I have gone back to my agency about…

I have always been an in-house graphic designer, and have many years of experience however as the competition is very steep for freelancing, and would rather work than continually chase work. But will businesses ever listen and adjust? Should flexible working be within the contract? Should I see it as a red flag that it wasn’t mentioned in the documentation? I live in London, and want to live somewhere more affordable, however, this wouldn’t be doable if I have to commute daily. Over the years I have (like everyone), just put up with paying £200 a month just to get to work, not being able to save, and just grinding to pay rent. In order to make some life changes that will benefit me, I need to put my feet down with this. I just wish more businesses offered remote working.

There are so many good reasons to work from home, and I have felt happier doing so. But i now have the anxiety of having to go back to a distracting office.

But will businesses ever listen and adjust?

In your line of work, I would think they WOULD.

red flag
Not sure it is a red flag. It seems to me you KNOW what you want. Now i know in this case, your contract is ending, and you need work. But ideally, you know what you want and when youre looking for places, then remote work is one of the first things you should be looking at.

putting your feet down

Yes, i’ve re-read your post a few times. And I sense a deep conviction.

Just want to encourage folks to go for an get what they want…