Working remote allows me to curate the environment that I am most productive in

Meet this week’s featured community member, Addie Byrne!

Name: Addie Byrne
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Current Job (or looking for work!): Operations Associate at Upright Labs
Remote Experience: 2 months in this job, my positions were in the field based remote work before this (5 years)
Country: USA

What brought you to working remotely?
I thrive in project based work, which tends to be work remote positions. Working remote allows me to curate the environment that I am most productive in. I need to switch up locations every 3 hours or so to maintain steady productivity so I start in my home library, move to in front of my wood stove around lunch, and post up in the dining room to finish the day. Needless to say, I cannot WAIT for coffeeshops to open back up!

Biggest challenge you’ve faced in working remotely (or are currently facing amidst the pandemic), and what you’re doing to get around it:
My biggest challenge has been the lack of travel for fun! A big appeal of work remote is the ability to work from anywhere - I can spend a week with friends as long as I have a quiet place to work during the day. That is what I am looking forward to the most once I get a vaccine!

Favourite product or app for remote work:
I love my portable monitor. I can set up anywhere and have enough screen space to dive into some big projects. I use an Asus 168MB

Favourite unplugged activity:
Nordic skiing with my pup. The sun sets at around 4:30 in the winter up here in Duluth. I like to head out at twilight, and catch the evening colors as I ski through the woods with my dog running next to me. No matter what time of year, it’s important for me to unplug and head outside after work. 30 minutes of forest bathing never fails to rejuvenate me.


One resource every remote worker should know about:
If you’re reading it here you probably already know, but I found the WWR Slack community super helpful when looking to break into the world of remote e-commerce.